Preserve Your Brain


Trace The Wheel


Benefits:  Makes you focus and concentrate; perhaps laugh or smile?

Coordinates left and right hemispheres

(1) With your right hand, reach out,

as if to shake someone's hand. Now imagine "tracing a wheel" in this way:
Your fingers point UP as they
come in toward your chest, then
DOWN as your hand moves out-
ward, along the "wheel edge".
Repeat the circling motion a few
times. That's easy.
(2) Now draw the wheel with
your Left hand only... but the

fingers go the opposite way.  Left fingers point UP as they
move away from you, and DOWN as they draw in toward you, to
complete the circle. Practice circling the Left hand in this direction several times.

Your Challenge:   Draw the wheel with both hands at once.

Your fingers move in opposite directions.  Right fingers point UP as they come in, and Left fingers point UP as they move out.

The more we practice, the easier it gets.  Enjoy!